Each year the Red Coat is given to an individual that has made a positive impact on our region and the state of Indiana. Below you will find a list of these distinguished Red Coat recipients organized by the year they were honored.

Jaylon Smith
John Tippmann, Sr.

Stephen Franke
Michael Franke
Richard Franke
David Franke
William Franke
Senator David Long
Scott Sproat

John Daly
Trent Green

Jim Steeg
Peyton Manning

John “Spider” Miller
Tom Sneva
Jerry Yeagley

Calbert Cheaney

Steve Alford

Claude Akins

Neil Armstrong
Gene Cernan
Charles Finley
Jack Mollenkopf

J. Walker Kennedy

Chris Schenkel

Honorary Red Coats

Roger Branigin
Edward H Dolsen Jr.
Robert J. Druhot
Bill Gargan
Hilliard Gates
Jim Kelley
Terry Kitch
Tony Lema
G.J. (Red) Mackey

D.W. McMillen
Robert R. Morris
Byron Nelson
Rodger Nelson
Steven G. Norrish
Jack Scott
Jan VanTil
Jack VanTil